The Wastrels

The Wastrels formed in Christchurch in early 1982 with Anton Jenner, formerly of arty post punkers The Solatudes, as lead vocalist. They emerged at a similar time to Dance Exponents and the two bands briefly paralleled each other. They played together frequently and The Wastrels were reputedly Jordan Luck’s favourite band.

When Dance Exponents moved onwards and upwards, The Wastrels were touted as the Garden City’s next big thing, destined to follow them on to the national stage; and they seemed likely with a charismatic front man in Jenner and a repertoire of 60s imbued songs – some of which wouldn’t have disgraced the Exponents.

A Wastrels' poster from around the time of the 1983 'Out To Sea' single.
Photo credit: Maria B. Hayward collection
Angels In Silence
The Wastrels backstage, Mainstreet, Auckland August 1982. Left to right: Peter Cooke, Anton Jenner, Jonathon Brinson and Richard Hlavac
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
The Jenner Affair EP, on Hit Singles Records, 1983
The Wastrels
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
The Wastrels

Anton Jenner - vocals

Peter Cooke - guitar, vocals

Johnny Brinson - bass

Richard Hlavac - drums

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