The Weeds

Dunedin supergroup The Weeds were Michael Morley (bass, vocals), Shayne Carter (guitar, vocals), Robert Scott (guitar, bass, vocals) and on drums, Jeff Harford, Chris Healey or John Collie.

Sometimes they played in their underwear and in 1985 they released the raucous folk-blues ‘Wheatfields’ as a one-off single, flipped with a live take on Elvis Presley’s ‘Trouble’ on Flying Nun Records.

1985 Verlaines, Rip and Weeds poster
Photo credit: Design by Robert Scott
The Weeds at Otago Uni, 1985
Photo credit: Photo by Richard Emerson. Courtesy of Robert Scott

Richard Emerson who took the photo on this page later went on to found the famous Dunedin brewers Emerson's


Shayne Carter - guitar, vocals

John Collie - drums

Jeff Harford - drums

Chris Healey - drums

Michael Morley - guitar, vocals

Robert Scott - bass, vocals

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