Pioneers of New Zealand’s electronic and experimental music scenes, Tinnitus emerged from Christchurch in 1986. They were innovators in modern multimedia art and context-specific music and sound sculpture.

They released a series of recordings and videos and performed around 40 times across the country between 1986 and 1993, provoking delight from stunned punters.

Gary Stevenson in the studio, Auckland 1992
X-Spiritualistic Function 23 tape poster, 1987
The foyer of Madras Street, Christchurch, 1987
Firepower! red tape poster, 1990
Rotate Your State, Christchurch 1991
Wellington tapes poster, 1989
Tinnitus live in Christchurch, New Year's Eve 1986/7
Noise Detonation, Palmerston North 1993
Firepower! video poster, 1990
Ashley Turner at the Tinnitus performance in Christchurch, New Year's Eve 1986/7
Live to air from Incubator, March 13, 1989
Poster for the live Spiritualistic Function show, Madras St, Christchurch, March 1987
Central Delivery cassette single poster, available at Galaxy Records, Christchurch, 1987
Rotate Your State, Auckland, June 1992
Subjective Experience Tape 9 poster
New Years Eve, Christchurch 1986
Ashley Turner, Rotate Your State, Auckland 1991
Rotate Your State, Dunedin 1993
Subjective Experience poster, Madras St, Christchurch, March 1988
Dogs Blood Rising sculpture, 1987
Live Shadow Show 1987
Tinnitus live in Christchurch, New Year's Eve 1986/7
Rotate Your State Zoo Noise poster
Untamed tape poster, 1987
Tinnitus live in Christchurch, New Year's Eve 1986/7
State of Tension - 1991
Firepower! cassette poster, 1990
Tinnitus in Bristol House Studio, Auckland 1988
Telephonic - Live 1989
Firepower! poster, 1990
Angus McNaughton's home and studio in Madras Street, Christchurch, 1987
Fire Power - 1989
Gary Stevenson in the Symonds Street studio, Auckland, 1988
Angus McNaughton playing percussion frame,  Ashley Turner playing trombone, live in Christchurch, New Year's Eve 1986/7
Ambient Image - 1988 Tinnitus
The poster for Tinnitus' first cassette, 1985
Rotate Your State, Dunedin, April 1993
Ringing In Your Ear tape poster, 1988
Mirror of Easter show poster, Christchurch 1987
Mike Hodgson at Rotate Your State, 1991
August 1987 poster for the Alive show at Manawa, broadcast on UFM
Poster for the first Tinnitus live show, 1986
Auckland live poster, 1988
Necessary Tension - 1990

Angus McNaughton - sequencer, percussion, mixing, visuals

Ashley Turner - brass, percussion, noise, visuals

Mike Hodgson - guitar, percussion, visuals

Shaun Collins - samples, programming.

Gary Stevenson - samples, programming.


Once while creating an experimental film with mirrors in a car, the Tinnitus crew were confronted by security guards of a shopping centre who thought they were videoing the site to case it for a robbery. They demanded to view the footage, which was created with mirrors, and commented, “That’s pretty weird.”

In the beginning Tinnitus was an ingenious low-tech operation with McNaughton constructing a homemade eight channel mixing desk made from a biscuit tin as well as making fuzz boxes and ring modulators.

Gary Stevenson appeared on Firepower (Tape 10), Shaun Collins was on Affliction Addiction (Tape 11). Both appeared on Tin-EYE-tis Alive & Studio 1986-91 (Tape 12) & Futures Past (Flying Nun CD).

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