Tom Thumb

When it comes to hard, frantic 1960s R&B there are few superior New Zealand recordings than Tom Thumb's notorious ‘Got Love’ and their cover of the 13th Floor Elevators’ ‘You're Gonna Miss Me’.

Even better was their swelling, electric version of Tim Hardin’s ‘If I Were A Carpenter’, a big confident production from the talented Peter Dawkins.

Rick White, Bruce Sontgen, Mike Farrell, Tom Swainson
Tom Thumb (Rick White, centre), Wellington, June 1967. 
Photo credit: Barry Clothier, PAColl-7031-1-59, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington
Tom Thumb in HMV studios, 1969: Tom Swainson, Bruce Sontgen and Rick White
Photo credit: Rick White collection
Tom Thumb's second lineup: Bruce Sontgen, Mike Farrell, Tom Swainson and Rick White
Tom Thumb, an early line-up, from left: Warren Willis, Sammy Shaw, Paul Newton, Graeme Thompson, Rick White (in front).
Witchi Tai To
Tom Thumb Mk.1, from left: Graeme Thompson, Sammy Shaw, Warren Willis, Rick White.
Photo credit: Rick White collection
Tom Thumb c.1970: Brian Mason, Rick White (rear), Bruce Sontgen (front), Kevin Frewer and Tom Swainson
Photo credit: Ken Cooper collection
The 1970 concept EP Ludgate Hill, now fetching very large prices with collectors
When the First Tear Shows
Tom Thumb in the HMV studios recording Hey Bulldog, 1969
Photo credit: Rick White collection
The second Tom Thumb lineup at The Place, Wellington, 1968- Mike Farrell, Tom Swainson, Bruce Sontgen and Rick White
Photo credit: Rick White collection


La Gloria


Guitarist Mike Farrell played with Midge Marsden during the 1980s and wrote Midge's songs Carry My Blues Away and Burning Rain.

Drummer Tom Swainson joined Quincy Conserve in 1970.

Got Love, the B-side of Tom Thumb's third single I Need You, was banned by the NZBC for containing "unsuitable lyric content".

Jayrem Records issued a compilation of all the band's singles in 1992, plus several unreleased track from the La Gloria era.

'Got Love', 'You're Gonna Miss Me', 'Whatcha Gonna Do About It', and 'I Need You' were re-released in the late 1990s on 7-inch vinyl by Action! Records.


Sammy Shaw - drums

Graeme Thompson - guitar, vocals

Warren Willis - organ, vocals

Paul Newton - bass

Dave Orams - bass

Dave Chappell - bass, vocals

Mark Trethaway - bass

Rick White - bass, guitar, vocals

Bruce Sontgen - vocals

Mike Farrell - guitar

Tom Swainson - drums

Paul Reid - bass

Noel Koskello - bass

Kevin Frewer - organ

Brian Mason - guitar

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