Wellington trio Trasch were local electronic music pioneers, built around the synth and programming skills of two moonlighting Radio NZ audio engineers, Evan Roberts and Mike Young. Vocals were provided by Arthur Tauhore, formerly of Wellington band Bump'n Ugly and also known to Roberts and Young, as the man who cut their hair.

The "Trasch Production Company" letterhead identified the team as "Myke & Evin & Artha". Their music found its way to an audience via friend and manager Andrew Armitage, who released their November 24, 1989 debut album Flourish and Decay on his indie label Intellect Records (via EMI), from an Aro Street address.

Reason Rhyme
Evan Roberts, Mike Young, Arthur Tauhore
Photo credit: Photo by Chris Mauger
Evan Roberts, Mike Young and Arthur Tauhore
Evan Roberts, Arthur Tauhore and Mike Young
Who Killed Mr Moonlight
Evan Roberts, Mike Young and Arthur Tauhore
Photo credit: Photo by Chris Mauger
Pluck Out The Eyes (Extended Mix)
The Chemikaze CD cover, 1992
Arthur Tauhore, Mike Young and Evan Roberts, 1991
Photo credit: Photo by Alistair Howes

Arthur Tauhore - vocals

Mike Young - keyboards, percussion, production, engineering

Evan Roberts - keyboards, programs, production, engineering


While working at Wellington’s Broadcasting House, Evan Roberts developed his production skills on the children's radio show Ears, that was fronted by Dick Weir, father of musician Barnaby Weir.



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