Trip To The Moon

Trip To The Moon is a non-denominational, free-ranging project where its two perpetrators, local music stalwarts Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson, get to stretch themselves into wayward shapes and sounds unencumbered by the preconceptions and demands of their day jobs.

Based around an unlikely but productive union of disparate tastes and skills, since their debut in 1997, the occasional duo has produced six albums. The result varies from one album to the next, but typically combines jazz elements with trip-hop and krautrock rhythms, and spatial electronics with languid guitar.

Tom Ludvigson
A Traveller's Tale, 2016
Trip with Bobbylon and Peter Scott
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
Trip To The Moon circa 2000 - Tom Ludvigson and Trevor Reekie
Trip To The Moon - Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson
Trip To The Moon
Trip To The Moon at The Backbeat Bar with Nigel Gavin (guitar), and Jim Langabeer (flute), October 2012
Photo credit: Photo by Michael Flynn
Planar Surfaces
1999 release for band member Trevor Reekie and Tim Moon’s Antenna Records. The cover art was designed by Mark Roach with photography by Becky Nunes. Pictured on the cover alongside Ludvigson and Reekie are guests vocalists Rachel Weatherley and Bobbylon.
Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson
Fenced In
Please Wait
Tuesday for the Time Being - VJ remix
I Give My All
Pretty Cool
The cover for 2002’s Pretty Cool was put together by Mark Roach using stills from a promotional video directed and produced by Jed Town.
Sunday Kinda Grey
Live Drive
Laserscape Fly-through
Trip To The Moon: Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
I Can Change Featuring Bobbylon (1999)
Slant Of Light
Trip To The Moon recording - Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson
The cover of Trip’s 1996 album was designed by Carl Hunton with photography by Annabelle Hawkins. The 11 original tracks were recorded at Auckland’s ESP studios.

Trevor Reekie - guitar, samples

Tom Ludvigson - piano, synthesiser, drum programming


Antenna Recordings




In the 1980s, Trevor Reekie produced The Mockers (with Glyn Tucker) and Danse Macabre. Prior to that, he made his name as guitarist in industrial dance group Car Crash Set.

In the mid-90s, Reekie produced two albums of subdued electronic dub under the name Cosa Nostra for German label Incoming. He also played guitar on four Greg Johnson albums.

Guests on Trip To The Moon albums have included Greg Johnson (trumpet), Nigel Gavin (guitar), Jim Langabeer (sax and flute), Johnny Fleury (Chapman stick), Ian “Dr Glam” Chapman (hang drums), Peter Scott (bass) and Haitham Mazyan (oud).

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