Nothing goes to waste: kept in a shoebox since 1986, these photographs were taken on a borrowed Minolta 35mm “point and shoot” camera, when every frame on a roll counted.

Dave Dobbyn and the Stone People (or DD Smash mark II – or III) on Coronet Peak, Queenstown, April 1986. From left: Ian Belton, Dave Dobbyn, Gary Verberne, cameraman Peter Janes, film sound tech Bruce Adams. 

“Frosty the Snowman / Was a jolly happy soul ...”

Ian Belton, Australian bassist. Earlier, he was a member of QED with Jenny Morris, and played in Malcolm McCallum’s band. Seven years after this Stone People tour he died of cancer, on 2 May 1993. 

Mustering ideas for the Footrot Flats soundtrack, central Otago. 

Ian Belton and Dave Dobbyn, central Otago, on the way to Ashburton. 

Kaikoura Coast (from left): Roger King, Bruce Adams, Gary Verberne, Peter Warren, Dave Dobbyn. 

“Your name’s on the door ...”

Near Kaikoura; road manager Mike “Snapper” Knapp (right) would later drum for the Warratahs. 

Was there a Customs search entering Ashburton? Roger King with suitcase (The Press), Peter Janes (Rip It Up, Alannah Currie on cover), Peter Warren (Shake!, Simon Le Bon). 

Mike “Snapper” Knapp compares ozone depletion with the RNZAF, Ohakea. 

“Heroes, villains, blue faded under glass / bow-tied men rip tickets to pieces.” – ‘Palace’

The Stone People on a reconnaissance mission to Ohakea air base (L-R): Gary Verberne, Ian Belton, Dave Dobbyn, Peter Warren. 

Peter Warren with a vintage RNZAF drone. 

Peter Janes films Ian Belton during soundcheck, Ohakea. 

Dave Dobbyn high above the Rangitikei River, Omatane. 

Boy oh boy it’s a Lincoln toy: Dobbyn and Warren at Waiouru. 

Noise-cancelling headphones courtesy the Quartermaster’s store. 

The Stone People meet the entertainment committee at Waiouru Military Camp. 

Tuesday at Waiouru: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. Wednesday: Dobbyn and the Stone People. 


Photographs © Chris Bourke