In the 1960s and early 1970s, Garth Young arranged and directed the music – and played the piano – for countless NZBC light-entertainment shows on television. These included Country Touch, New Faces and many variety shows (with themes such as old Broadway, Noel Coward, music of the Second World War, and the Wild West). Many of the latter were produced by John Barningham. These photographs from Young's photo album are from his NZBC period.

Eventually, the work load – arranging and copying music for large orchestras and small combos, under intense time pressure – led to Young moving to the Cook Islands in 1980 with his family for a healthier lifestyle. 

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Garth Young in the early 1970s, when acting as musical director for many NZBC TV light entertainment shows - NZBC

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Eliza Keil in a NZBC TV production with, from left, Robert Gennari, Eddie McCarthy and Ronnie Daverne - NZBC

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Miss Lee Grant sings 'Fever' on NZBC TV backed by Slim Dorwood, bass, and Dave Fraser on drums - NZBC

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Jennifer Martin, Judi Beaumont, Yolande Gibson, in a NZBC variety TV show with musical direction by Garth Young

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On NZBC TV, from left: Ronnie Daverne, Robert Gennari and Eddie McCarthy - NZBC

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Eliza Keil in an NZBC TV variety show, produced by John Barningham with musical direction by Garth Young

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Tommy Ferguson in a NZBC-TV show, with musical direction by Garth Young - NZBC

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Sandy Edmonds, from a NZBC TV production - NZBC

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Alec Wishart and the Society Jazzmen - Rob Joiner

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Although the singer is now unidentified, Garth Young remembers that footage of her was miniaturised so she was a six-inch image, standing on a grand piano while he played - NZBC

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A big finish on a NZBC TV variety show, produced by John Barningham - NZBC

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