Interviewed for Hot Licks magazine shortly after their official inception in 1975, Mann comes across as sincere and incredibly naïve.

Asked how the rock and roll thing ties in with the Krishna lifestyle, Mann says: “We’re just playing, conveying the spiritual idea of trying to serve God. Mainly what we want to do is we want to convey a vibe that is intense. We just want to convey an intense vibe. We’re trying to understand God like that and trying to serve. Ultimately, more important than the fact that we’re musicians we understand the fact that we are temporarily musicians but we’re actually spiritual by nature. So we’re trying to dovetail the temporary abilities of the body, like musical abilities in our eternal nature which actually exists.”

Talking about how it all came about: “We were just doing concerts and doing what everyone else was doing, you know, taking acid and turning on and everything and then we started fasting and dieting – Eddie was doing the same thing roundabout that time. He was playing with Ticket, we were playing with Space Farm and what happened was we starting dieting and a bit of fasting and doing fruit diets and eventually we stopped turning on. We stopped playing for quite a while you know, a couple of years, just trying to understand the Krishna philosophy.”