Brent Parlane Profile

Glen Moffatt
14 Dec 2020

Transmission was interrupted during singer-songwriter Brent Parlane’s New Zealand television debut in 1973, but NZBC producers replayed his New Faces performance in full the following week. It wasn’t enough to win the competition, but he did get recognised in Auckland the following day.

Earlier in 1973 he was the man called on to fill in between Fairport Convention and Black Sabbath at the Great Ngāruawāhia Music Festival after Sabbath chickened out of directly following the virtuosic folk-rockers.

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Brent Parlane and Andrew Kay, December 1974.
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Brent Parlane opening for Muddy Waters, Christchurch Town Hall, 29 April 1973.
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Beech, New Brighton Soundshell concert, December, 1974. Brent Parlane at left. 
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Brent Parlane mid-air in Beech, Aranui High School concert, December 1974.
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Rick Reid, Andrew Kay, Dave Gillies and (front) Brent Parlane, July 1974.
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Brent Parlane - Five Drunk Little RocknRollers
Beech in 1974 in Christchurch. Managed by Barry Coburn, their singer Brent Parlane would go on to be a country star in Australia in the 1980s. From left: Phil Jones, Andrew Forrer, Brent Parlane, Andrew Key, Don Bean. 
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Brent Parlane and his band, 2010s. From left: Rob Hornbuckle,Trevor Reading, Brent Parlane, Co Tipping and David Hicks. 
Photo credit: Brent Parlane collection
How's Your Father, Palmerston North, 1976. From left: Tony Doe, Brent Parlane, Peter (Lez) White, Co Tipping.
Photo credit: Tony Doe collection
Brent Parlane.
Beech advertisement, Christchurch Star, November 1975.
Beech, June 1975, from left to right: Phil Jones, Brent Parlane, Andrew Kay, Don Bean, Andrew Forrer
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Brent Parlane - I'm Looking Forward to Tonight (Polydor, 1973). The B-side was 'I'm Depressed'.
Brent Parlane with Beech, Aranui Hotel, 1974
Photo credit: Kevin Hill
Beech's Commer van, 1974
Brent Parlane CD, 1992.
Brent Parlane - Just Not There
Brent Parlane - It's Later Than You Think (2014)
Beech - Ready to Run (White Cloud, 1975) - written by Brent Parlane.
Brent Parlane and band - Everyone in the World
Brent Parlane.

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