King Kapisi Profile

aka Bran Muffin, Bill Urale
Peter McLennan
Published: 20 May 2013
Updated: 31 Jul 2019

Hip-hop MC King Kapisi (NZ-born Samoan Bill Urale) got his start in his hometown of Wellington, playing drums in bands while at Wellington High School.

His first time rapping onstage was guesting with Wellington group Noise N Effect, who would open up the mic at their gigs for all-comers.

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King Kapisi feat. Teremoana Rapley - Won't Stop, Can't Stop
RNZ – NZ Hip Hop Stand Up: episode 3 – King Kapisi ‘Reverse Resistance’
Crush feat Rakaa Iriscience
U Can't Resist Us
King Kapisi feat. Teremoana - Storm (2016)
Real Groove May, 2003
King Kapisi and Che Fu, 2001
Real Groove, October 2004
Safari feat. Dr Richard Nunns
Clap Ya Hands
King Kapisi
NZ Musician January 2000
Screems From Da Old Plantation
King Kapisi feat. The Mint Chicks - Superhuman
Lava, November 1999
Gifted and Brown in 1992: MC AT, DJ Raw, Mara Finau, Bran Muffin AKA King Kapisi and Gerard Tahu
Photo credit: Photo by Phil Simpson



Quabax Wax


Kapisi is the Samoan word for cabbage.

‘Reverse Resistance’ won the APRA Silver Scroll in 1999, making King Kapisi the first hip-hop artist to win this award.