Andy Morton

aka Submariner

“Purpose is a big word for me,” says Andy Morton, the Auckland-based music producer, musician, engineer, beatmaker and DJ better known as Submariner. “It’s important, because why are you doing music otherwise? I’m not really interested in people who want to be famous; I’m interested in people who have something they want to express. For me, that’s where it’s at. My best talent is capturing people well, and bringing the best out of them.”

The son of an electrical engineer father and a mathematician mother, between 1997 to 2004 Morton – once described by Mark Williams aka MC Slave as “one of New Zealand’s finest producers of the last twenty years” – crafted beats, recorded demos, and mixed and produced albums for a generation of New Zealand hip-hop, jazz, and rock artists who shifted the local musical landscape. During this period, he helped usher in a sound that accurately expressed the culture, stories and experiences of the South Pacific, as integrated with the sonic frameworks laid down by the North American, British and Caribbean musicians they drew inspiration from.

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