Stinky Jim

aka Jim Pinckney

Stinky Jim explained to the NZ Herald in December 1996, “In Germany a lot of radio people and journalists would turn up who really loved the album, because we’re a bit of an enigma, coming from New Zealand, having recorded in New York and been released on a German label.”

Jim was talking about Unitone HiFi – his successful collaboration with Joost Langeveld. Unitone had just pulled off the then seemingly impossible – they had released three albums on a hot European indie label and, to add another layer to the feat, they were records created by pre-internet era transglobal collaboration between the two members. In other words, by mail, phone and fax machine.

Unitone HiFi - Joost and Jim
Stinky Jim with the US hip-hop group Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, 95bFM 1990
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
The Mighty Asterix and Stinky Jim at PHAT09 - a Film by Paul Moss
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HDU - Lull Dark Restart (Soundproof Remix)
The Mighty Asterix, Stinky Jim and Slowdeck at The Trueschool "Clash Of The Codes"
Photo credit: Dubhead collection
Unitone Hifi - Sitting by the phone (Ansaphone mix)
Unitone HiFi - Sitting by The Phone (1992)
Stinky Jim's Social Awareness - The Remixes was released in May 2023, with remixes of tracks from his August 2022 album Spacial Awareness.
Unitone HiFi - Rewound and Rerubbed (1996)
Stinky Jim and SJD, 2007
Photo credit: Photo by Andrew Dubber
The Stylee Crew (later known as 37 Degrees) - Clockwise from top left: DLT, Roger Perry, Stinky Jim, Dubhead, Slowdeck
Photo credit: Photo by Darryl Ward. Dubhead collection

The Tranquillity Bass radio show was born out a 95bFM special where Stinky Jim and Eddie Chambers tried to play the bassiest records they could find.

A 1999 Stinky Jim interview with Gary Steel in the NZ Listener, on DJ culture, was famously controversial. "You can't just buy a record bag and 100 records and become a DJ" he opined.

Stinky says, "I’m most happy when I’m making tunes. Sometimes you simply have to, there is no choice involved."

Stinky Jim posts a new selection of songs on his blog weekly - check the links.


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