aka Herman Loto, Herman Sakaria

Herman Joseph Loto Sakaria is an Auckland based rapper who performs and records under the stage name Ermehn.

Over the years he has collaborated with a who's who of local hip-hop artists including Submariner, Chong Nee, Mr Sicc, King Kapisi, Dei Hamo, Pauly and Phil Fuemana, Dam Native, DLT, Ladi6, Anonymouz and many others.

Bank Job
Stare & Whisper Feat. PNC & Paul Bob
Walls Of Steel Feat.The Feelstyle
Samoans Pt.II
As Real As It Gets Feat. FaceKilla,Young Sid,Mr Sicc & Dok02

An original member of Otara Millionaires Club.

Notorious for performing with a machete in the early 1990s.



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