Living Force Profile

Gary Steel
13 Sep 2013

“Mann is God,” read the graffiti round town in the early 1970s, confirming that Harvey Mann was our very own Clapton. It never happened, but “Mann finds God” may have been a more apt descriptive for the celebrated former Underdog and Space Farm plank spanker.

By 1973, Mann had dropped out from the rock scene, in which he had reportedly been an avid explorer, combining his fretboard flights with an experiential delight in psychedelic substances. Sex and drugs were suddenly out the window, and even music was on pause.

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The Spys early 1981 backstage at Auckland's Mainstreet shortly before they headed off to China where they were probably the first western band to play
Only You
1977 Living Force poster
The 1977 Living Force album
Living Force, Mission Bay, Auckland
Photo credit: Mark Everton Collection
Living Force, 1978 - l to r: Harvey Mann, John Pepper, Glen Absolum, Mike Fisher, Matt Matepi
Living Force at The Island Of Real, 1978
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick

Harvey Mann - guitar

Glen Absolum - drums

Eddie Hansen - guitar

Murray Partridge - guitar

Ivan Thompson - keyboards

Gary Clarke - bass

John Pepper - keyboards

Mike Fisher - drums

Matt Matepi - bass




Living Force were inexplicably teamed with punksters The Suburban Reptiles at a disastrous Victoria University gig in August 1977 by the Student Arts Council