Raice McLeod Profile

Keith Newman
26 Jan 2016

What is it about former Quincy Conserve drummers? Bruno Lawrence formed BLERTA and had a successful acting and filmmaking career; Richard James Burgess produced numerous charted singles and albums in the US and UK and was a prime mover in the New Romantic movement. While Raice McLeod might not be as well known, he has an equally impressive tale to tell.

McLeod spent decades on the road in Australia, the UK and the US with show, club and jazz bands, but his highlight was five years in the drum seat with the Eva Cassidy Band in Washington DC, until she died in 1996.

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Raice McLeod with the Mary Shaver Band – Mojo Boogie (Chef Macs, Baltimore March 30 2013)
Raice McLeod with Built for Comfort Band, 2016
Photo credit: Photo by Mike Landsman
Malcolm Hayman and Raice McLeod
Eva Cassidy
Quincy Conserve in Gisborne, January 1969. At rear: John McCormick, Malcolm Hayman, Denys Mason. Front: Rufus Rehu, Raice McLeod, David Orams.
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
Raice McLeod with Built For Comfort
Quincy Conserve in 1968: Denys Mason, John McCormick, Rufus Rehu, Malcolm Hayman, Raice McLeod, Kevin Furey and Dave Orams.
Raice McLeod
Raice McLeod
Quincy Conserve, 1969: Malcolm Hayman, Rufus Rehu, Ria Kerekere, Johnny McCormick, Denys Mason and Dave Orams with Raice McLeod in front.
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Menzies
Eva Cassidy - One Night That Changed Everything (2021 documentary) - features commentary and interviews from band members including Raice McLeod