Sandy Mill Profile

Russell Brown
6 Jun 2019

Sandy Mill confesses she doesn’t know exactly how many records she’s sung on, but she’s sure that the long discography she compiled in 2018 – when she finally stepped forward and put out a record of her own songs, with her own name on the cover – is incomplete.

But the sheer breadth of the catalogue is testament to the skill of a woman who, over decades, has been able to step in the recording booth and sing – and, quite often, write – the right thing in the moment.

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Sandy Mill
Photo credit: Kevin Smith
New Telepathics: Darryn Harkness and Sandy Mill, 1998
Photo credit: Darryn Harkness collection
Sandy Mill, 2018.
Photo credit: Samuel Richards
Notenshun Feat Sandy Mill - Soul Music (2008)
Little Green Men Feat. Sandy Mill - Movin' (Vocal Mix)
Sandy Mill recording at the Stomach, Palmerston North.
Spacesuit, 1996: Gabriel White, Sandy Mill, Darryn Harkness, Ben Holmes.
Photo credit: Sandy Mill collection
Sandy Mill - Gift Box (2018)
Spacesuit, 1996. Left to right: Darryn Harkness, Ben Holmes, Sandy Mill, Gabriel White.
Photo credit: Darryn Harkness collection
Sandy Mill, 2018.
Photo credit: Allson Brewer
Sandy Mill - Let It Go (2019)
Nicole Matsuda - The Blue Beat cassingle cover
Harry Lyon, Graham Brazier, Hammond Gamble on tour with The Rockafellas. Front row: Tony McMaster, Sandy Mill, Arthur Brunt, Jay Foulkes.
Photo credit: Sandy Mill collection
SJD with Sandy Mill - Was I Always Here
95bFM Freak the Sheep Live and Direct: Sandy Mill with Andrew Park - Gift Box (2018)
New Telepathics, 2017. Left to right: Phodiso Dintwe, Sandy Mill, Nuel Nonso. Standing: Darryn Harkness.
Photo credit: Samuel Richards
Sandy Mill at Slowboat Records, Cuba St, Wellington, 2017.
Photo credit: Dan Robinson
El Hula photographed at Cafe de Paris, London: Sarah Brown (now Davidson), Blair Jollands, Sandy Mill.
Photo credit: Sandy Mill collection
The Bellbirds: Sandy Mill, Sean Donnelly, Don McGlashan, Victoria Kelly
Photo credit: Stephen G Perry
Sandy Mill, 2018.
Photo credit: Kevin Smith
Sandy Mill - A Piece Of Me 12" EP (She's Boss Music, 2018). Photo by Kevin Smith. The record sleeve /artwork is a physical piece of glass, sculpture by Layla Walter.
Photo credit: Kevin Smith
Nicole Matsuda - Bluebeat (1991)

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