Tom Bailey Profile

aka International Observer
Gary Steel
23 Sep 2014

This is the story of how the guy behind one of the biggest UK pop phenomenons of the 1980s, the Thompson Twins, came to bring about a quiet seismic shift to his adopted country. It’s not a well-known story, because during his New Zealand years Tom Bailey was seeking an escape from the scrutiny that comes with celebrity.

Away from the pressure-pot climate of London and adrift in a comparative backwater, Bailey could finally address his artistic concerns, free from the demands of agents, lawyers and contractual obligations. What resulted was of immense benefit to our local industry, and to Bailey’s own muse.

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The Bailey-Salgado Project in Puerto Rico, May 2011
From The Dungeons Of Dub, 2010
Babble feat Teremoana Rapley - Love Has No Name (Original version)
Tom Bailey in his Thompson Twins days, around the time of the 1985 album Here's To Future Days
International Observer's Popcorn Slavery, 2010
International Observer in Brixton, 2005
The Holiwater Project at Splore, 2014
More Tales From The Dungeons Of Dub, 2013
Tom Bailey with Holiwater, Splore 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Andrei Jewell
Babble in 1994: Tom Bailey, Keith Fernley and Alannah Currie
Photo credit: Photo by Chris Taylor
The Holiwater Project album, released in 2012
Tom Bailey at Splore with The Holiwater Project, 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Andrei Jewell
Tom Bailey
Tom Bailey touring as Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Dallas, September 2014
All Played Out, from 2005, released on Stinky Jim's Round Trip Mars label
Stellar* EPK for 1999 album Mix - featuring Tom Bailey from 4min 50
The Bailey-Salgado Project: José Francisco Salgado and Tom Bailey
Tom Bailey with Mexican pop singer Aleks Syntek backstage before Tom's set in Los Angeles at The Greek Theatre, August 2014
Photo credit: Photo by José Francisco Salgado
Tom Bailey, 2014
Tom Bailey, 2008
International Observer, Inspiral Lounge, Camden, London, February 2011
Babble 1996: Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Keith Fernley
Photo credit: Photo by Melanie Bridge
Babble's Ether album, from 1995
Stellar* - Part Of Me (produced by Tom Bailey, 1999)
Tom Bailey and José Francisco Salgado
Tom Bailey and José Francisco Salgado with the Bailey-Salgado Project

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