Andrew McLennan

aka Andrew Snoid

At the age of 10, Andrew McLennan bumped the dial on the family radio and was shocked to hear music coming out. “I thought that the radio was all about horse racing and had no idea there was music.” The song was The Doobie Brothers’ ‘Black Water’ – the beginning of a love affair with music that would take him all the way to the top of the local industry.

Through Pop Mechanix and Coconut Rough, Andrew McLennan (aka Andrew Snoid) was just about as “pop star” as it is possible to be in New Zealand. By the age of 30, somewhat disenchanted with his musical career, he gave music away and embarked on a new course of life.

Andrew Snoid and Ian Gilroy with the Whizz Kids, Wellington 1980
The Swingers 1982: Phil Judd, Andrew "Snoid" McLennan, Bones Hillman, Ian Gilroy
Coconut Rough, 1984: clockwise from left - Mark Bell, Eddie Olsen, Stuart Pearce, Bones Hillman and Andrew McLennan.
Andrew "Snoid" McLennan with Pop Mechanix at Auckland's Windsor Castle, September 1980
Photo credit: Photo by Bryan Staff
Coconut Rough - Making of Sierra Leone part 1 (TVNZ's Shazam)
Andrew McLennan, 2016
Pop Mechanix circa 1986: Kevin Emmett, Paul Mason, Andrew McLennan, Chris Moore and Paul Scott
Andrew McLennan's 2018 album Telling Tales.
Andrew McLennan at Auckland's Mainstreet with Coconut Rough.
Three members of the final lineup of Pop Mechanix at Auckland's Wildlife, 1987/88: Mark Bell, Peter Warren, and Andrew McLennan. Paul Scott and Paul Mason are out of shot.
Photo credit: Dean Morman collection
Pop Mechanix - Jumping Out A Window (1981)
Andrew McLennan
Pop Mechanix - Celebration Of The Skin (1986)
Coconut Rough - Making of Sierra Leone part 3 (TVNZ's Shazam)
Andrew McLennan - I Looked Everywhere (Except The Last Place I Left It) (2015)
Pop Mechanix in 1986: Paul Mason, Brent Williams, Kevin Emmett, Andrew McLennan and Paul Scott
The original Coconut Rough, May 1983. From left: Dennis Tuwhare, Stuart Pearce, Andrew McLennan, Paul Hewitt and Mark Bell.
Pop Mechanix's classic Jumping Out A Window, released in March 1981 on Mike Chunn's new XSF label (via CBS), it was the first with Andrew Snoid on vocals and was produced by Eddie Rayner. It would reach No. 21.
Coconut Rough - Magic Hour (filmed in an abandoned cement factory in Warkworth, 1984)
Coconut Rough - Making of Sierra Leone part 2 (TVNZ's Shazam)
Coconut Rough - Sierra Leone (1983)
The Swingers - Mushroom Evolution concert (1982)
Andrew McLennan's Telling Stories on the Shale Hales Rockin the Planet TV show, March 2016: Nick Jones, Tracey Collins, Andrew McLennan and Stephanie Crawford
Pop Mechanix - Pale Sun (Friday Night Live, 1987)
The final Swingers line-up: Andrew "Snoid" McLennan, Ian Gilroy, Phil Judd and Bones Hillman
Andrew McLennan and The Underminers, 2015: (left to right) Piri Heihei, Muche Larsan, Andrew McLennan, Maria Cantrel, and Gary Hunt


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