Bang! Bang! Eche!

“I don’t know if it was the most fun days of my life,” says guitarist Charlie Ryder, reminiscing on his time in Bang! Bang! Eche!, “but it was when I was the most naïve. When we were all the most naïve.”

Formed in Christchurch, Bang! Bang! Eche! played energetic, fierce, dance-punk. From 2007 to 2013 they released three EPs and recorded and mixed one unreleased full length album. They toured New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe extensively and became renowned for their high-octane, physical performances, following in the footsteps of like­minded punksters The Mint Chicks, So So Modern and Die! Die! Die! At the earliest their ages ranged from 16 to 20, and in the space of six years guitarist Charlie Ryder, drummer James Sullivan, bassist T’Nealle Worsley and vocalist Zach Doney would achieve cult status as a “ruckus party band”.

Charlie Ryder
T'Nealle Worsley
Zach Doney
4 To The Floor (live at Crash Mansion, NYC, 2008)
The cover of the Bandcamp edition of the debut EP, issued in 2009
Bang! Bang Eche! at NYC's Piano's Bar, 2008
4 To The Floor (2008)
You + Me (As Thick As Thieves) (2008)
4 To The Floor (live at R Bar, CMJ, 2009)
Fist Full Of Dollars (live at NZ On Air showcase, CMJ, 2009)
The cover of the digital edition of Sonic Death Cunttt, released as EP II
Bang! Bang! Eche!
James Sullivan
Time Mismanagement (live at the R Bar, CMJ, 2009)
Dirt In The Water (Live at 205 Bar, NYC - CMJ, 2008)
Dirt In the Water (live at The Glass Door, NYC, 14 November 2009)
Fist Full Of Dollars (live at The Glass Door, NYC, 14 November 2009)

The Underground Management


Zach Doney - vocals

Charlie Ryder - guitar

T’Nealle Worsley - bass

James Sullivan - drums

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