After leaving Sydney at the height of their success, The Cleves arrived in London renamed Bitch, with a pile of new songs written on their ocean voyage to reflect their new, rockier direction.

With no plans or contacts it became apparent that Bitch – with the line-up now comprising Ron Brown (guitar, vocals), Gaye Brown (keyboards, vocals), Rob Aickin (bass, vocals) and Ace Follington (drums) – would more likely than not starve to death within a few months of arriving in London if they waited for people to come to them. The group funded a gig at London's Speakeasy Club and invited representatives from most of the major record companies.

The April 2015 Cleves double vinyl compilation The Musical Adventures Of .. , released for Record Store Day. It also featured the previously unreleased 1973 Bitch album.
Rock It - from GTK
Bitch in the UK around 1971: Ace Follington, Ron Brown, Rob Aickin with Gaye Brown in the front.

Ron Brown - guitar, vocals

Gaye Brown - keyboards, vocals

Rob Aickin - bass, vocals

Ace Follington - drums


Their booking agent only had a small handful of acts including The Rolling Stones. Gaye Brown was in the office on one occasion and answered the phone. It was Lord Something or other and he wanted to book the Stones for his daughter’s 21st. Gaye told him to hold while she checked, shuffled some paper around and came back and told him, “I’m sorry but the Stones are booked but we have another group who are just as good called Bitch – would you like to book them?” “Yes,” came the reply.




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