The story of Bouldah starts in 1973, when I returned to Wellington from the UK where I’d been playing in a band with two other Wellington musicians, Dennis O’Brien and Nick Theobald. I was looking for a gig here, and knew Desna Sisarich, a great singer-songwriter.

Desna was involved at that time with Ziggy’s, and her producer, Mike Le Petit, had the “house” band, Isis, at the club. She introduced me to him. He and Dave Orams, ex-The Breakaways and Quincy Conserve, were using whoever was available on drums, so I joined them as their regular drummer. Mike played Fender Rhodes, and Dave was on bass and vocals.

Bouldah at Ziggy's, September 1975
Photo credit: Roger Watkins collection
Roger Watkins with Bouldah at Ziggy's
Photo credit:  Roger Watkins collection
Bouldah at Ziggy's, August 1975
Photo credit: Roger Watkins collection

Pat McKenna - vocals

Roger Watkins - drums, vocals

Dave Knowles - guitar, vocals

Rob Harper - bass, vocals

Dave Reid - piano

Roger Clarke - drums

Delatour Ranginui - drums

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