Colin King

Outside of Taranaki his name may not resonate with many – and certainly not in this millennium – but in the 1950s and into the 1960s dance-band leader Colin King was, well, king.

Now a lively octogenarian pianist and dance-band leader who still performs, mostly at retirement homes and for charity events, King once ran the province’s leading dances, was a music store owner and a promoter.

Colin King comperes - and leads the Airliners from the piano - at a 1957 dance at the Star Gymnasium, New Plymouth. From the New Plymouth Photo News, December 1957
Photo credit: Henry McGee
Colin King, 2016
Colin King with John Dix, 2016
Colin King, playing piano for 16-piece Taranaki dance band the Airliners, from the New Plymouth Photo News, 11 July 1957.
Photo credit: Charters & Guthrie
Colin King and his Harmonisers, 1950s. From left, Ronald Hugh Morrieson, Jim Leishman, Les Gibbs, Bob Crow, Lou McDonald, Piko Rangitaawa (guitar), Don McCormick, Colin King
Colin King, the "dance band king" of Taranaki, c1970

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