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In provincial New Zealand in the early 1970s AM radio was king and popular music was popular music. Local releases sat easily amongst the latest from overseas, and Wellington-based band Creation had two of the biggest radio hits of the first half of the decade.

Led by bass-playing vocalist Greg Christensen, Creation scored with gold-selling singles ‘Carolina’ in 1972 and ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ in 1973; with ‘Carolina’ they won the 1972 Loxene Golden Disc. One of Universal Booking Agency’s premier artists, they played pubs, nightclubs, town centres, schools and dance halls everywhere from Bluff to Whangarei.

Creation, 1973. Left to right: Mike Phillips, John Maloney, Greg Christensen, Paul Jeffares.
Creation’s Glenn Timihou recording in HMV Studios, Wellington, in 1972
Creation - Tell Laura I Love Her (1973)
Creation’s Greg Christensen (left) and Tony Roche, 1968
Creation with their 1972 awards for the Loxene Golden Disc and the top group
Photo credit: Glen Christensen collection
Creation in The Southland Times, January 1973. Left to right: Greg Christensen, John Rarity, Glenn Timihou, Johnny Morris.
Greg Christensen in 2016
Creation in early 1972. Left to right: Glenn Timihou, John Rarity, Johnny Morris, Greg Christensen.
Creation’s Johnny Morris recording in HMV Studios, Wellington, 1972
Creation with their Loxene Golden Disc and group award. Left to right: Johnny Morris, Glenn Timihou, Greg Christensen, John Rarity.
Creation in the Evening Post, 1974. Left to right: John Maloney, Mike Phillips, Greg Christensen, Paul Jeffares.
Creation, 1970. Clockwise from bottom left: Phil Rakena, Johnny Morris, John Rarity, Greg Christensen.
The original Creation line-up in Blenheim, circa 1968. Left to right: John Roche, Greg Christensen, Peter Leef, Peter Matthews, Tony Roche.
UBA presents Creation, Viking label 1972
Creation’s John Rarity recording in HMV Studios, Wellington, in 1972.
Creation’s version of ‘Carolina’ won the Loxene Golden Disc award in 1972, the last year the event was held. It was recorded during an eight-hour session at HMV Wellington for a complete album
Creation call in on Blenheim impresario Harry Tootell after their Loxene Golden Disc success. Left to right: Glenn Timihou, John Rarity, Harry Tootell, Johnny Morris, Greg Christensen.
Creation in Australia in 1974. Left to right: Greg Christensen, roadie John Hawkins, John Maloney, Paul Jeffares.
Creation’s Greg Christensen recording in HMV Studios, Wellington, in 1972
1969 business card for Blenheim impresario Harry Tootell, who for a time represented Creation and Fire.
Creation in Australia, circa 1974. Clockwise from left: Mike Phillips, John Maloney, Neil Mickleson, Paul Jeffares, Greg Christensen.
Creation in Australia, circa 1974. Left to right: Mike Phillips, Neil Mickleson, Greg Christensen (front), John Maloney, Paul Jeffares.
Creation in the NZ Listener, 1972.
Creation hamming it up at the Castle Cliff Hotel, Wanganui, 1973. Left to right: Greg Christensen, Mike Phillips, Paul Jeffares (front), John Maloney.
Creation with the van formerly owned by The Dedikation, circa 1972. Left to right: Glenn Timihou, John Rarity, Johnny Morris, Greg Christensen.
The brief Creation line-up after Greg Christensen’s arrival in Wellington, 1970. Left to right: Tony Roche, Greg Christensen, Johnny Morris, John Rarity, Phil Rakena.
Creation in Australia post Greg Christensen, mid-1970s. The empty shoes placed by John Maloney represent a new organ player as he wanted to move to the soundman role. Left to right: Paul Jeffares, Neil Mickleson, John Maloney, Roy Lawrence, Tim Crozier.
Creation's Greg Christensen receives the 1972 Loxene Golden Disc from MC Peter Sinclair in the Christchurch Town Hall. The final Golden Disc, their entry 'Carolina' was also the biggest selling New Zealand single of the year.

Greg Christensen - vocals, bass

Peter Leef - vocals, drums

Tony Roche - guitar

John Roche - keyboards

Peter Matthews - guitar

Johnny Morris - keyboards

John Rarity - drums

Phil Rakena - guitar

Glenn Timihou - vocals, guitar

Mike Phillips - drums

Paul Jeffares - guitar

John Maloney - keyboards

Neil Mickleson - bass

Roy Lawrence - drums

Tim Crozier - vocals, guitar


On his return to New Zealand after leaving Creation, Greg Christensen got involved in the pub industry before being coaxed back into the entertainment scene. He recorded three singles at the end of the 1970s for Vertigo and EMI, again produced by Tom McDonald, and has continued performing at parties and functions to this day.




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