Denver McCarthy

aka Micronism, Mechanism, Chaos Reader, DJ Vraj, Pedestrian, Liquid Water

Denver McCarthy spent the 1990s creating electronic music in Aotearoa under the Mechanism, Chaos Reader and Micronism aliases. In 2017 he told RNZ’s Tony Stamp, “For those 10 years, my whole life was just writing, producing electronic music, playing electronic music out, and listening to electronic music with friends. It was full immersion into electronic music.”

Before the decade was out, McCarthy had recorded two classic albums, his industrial techno debut Morningstar (1994) and his Independent Music NZ Classic Record-winning dub techno opus Inside A Quiet Mind (1998). In the process he served as a guiding light for New Zealand’s electronic music scenes.

Micronism and Chris Chetland speeches at IMNZ awards 2023
Denver McCarthy - Rise and Shine (Statra Recordings, 1999)
Denver McCarthy and his family at the Taite Music Prize, 2023
Denver McCarthy - The Great Mantra for Deliverance
Mechanism - Morningstar (1994)
Denver McCarthy DJing at a dance party in Auckland
Denver McCarthy / Micronism
endless love in an eternal eclipse by Denver McCarthy
Denver McCarthy's home studio equipment. 
Photo credit: Loop Recordings
DJ Vraj - Vinod Argawal Remix
Denver McCarthy (left) studying at an ashram.
Photo credit: Loop Recordings
Micronism - Inside a Quiet Mind (1998)
Mechanism - This Reign Must Fall
Denver McCarthy DJing.
Photo credit: Loop Recordings
Micronism - MNZ Interview: Getting To Know You 009: Denver McCarthy

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