Eddie Howell

Mr Excitement was the name of his 1959 Zodiac EP, and between 1959 and 1961 Whakatane’s Eddie Howell had audiences and reviewers raving.

He was blessed with not only a great voice but also a grounding in piano, music theory and harmony from his high schooling at Auckland Grammar that put him ahead of most of his peers. At this stage, Te Ao Hou reported in 1959, his interest was in light-classical songs, and he appeared in the school's productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. 

Eddie Howell, 2015
Eddie Howell (right) with US singer Bobby Day
Red Hewitt and Eddie Howell woo Wellington, 1960
Kansas City - 1959
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
Eddie Howell's 1959 EP on Zodiac


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