Ghost Club

Amidst the millennial guitar rawk revival, when Detroit was the new Detroit, and groups like The White Stripes and The Datsuns were shooting up the charts and shuffling on your iPod, a cadre of New Zealanders settled in London and wielded a Ghost Club, and the hard rock sound got roundly clocked.

A few years earlier, EnZed’s extra-dimensional adventurers The 3Ds had “quietly moved apart”. “I don’t think there was any animosity or bad feeling,” recalls guitarist David Mitchell, “all of a sudden, we were into the big [music] machine and I don't think we had any idea of what was out there.” (NZ Herald, 8 April 2005)

Cakekitchen and Ghost Club at the Hausmusik Festival, January 2001
A Ghost Club setlist from 2011
David Mitchell
The cover of 2006's Suicide Train album, with a cover by David Mitchell
A David Mitchell designed poster for The Ghost Club at London's The Grosvenor
Bone - live at Indigo, Wellington, New Zealand 2005
Ghost Club and a reformed Bird Nest Roys, The Rising Sun, Auckland, January 2008
Ghost Club - Suicide Train (Kings Arms, Flying Nun 30th anniversary, 17 November 2011)
The 1996 single from Denise Roughan and David Mitchell which first used the name The Ghost Club
The Ghost Club at The Arch: David Mitchell, Denise Roughan and Jim Abbott
The Ghost Club at London's Buffalo Bar: David Mitchell, Jim Abbott and Denise Roughan
The Ghost Club at London's 12 Bar Club, April 2000
Denise Roughan, Jim Abbott and David Mitchell
The Ghost Club: Denise Roughan, David Mitchell and Jim Abbott
Ghost Club performing Sea Shaped Stone at the Poolbar Festival before two amplifiers blew up
The Ghost Club at London's Hope & Anchor in March 2000, with Spa
Ghost Club perform Break the Law on a roof in Peckham, London
Ghost Club at London's The Windmill, February 2001
Ghost Club - Ghost Club Theme
The Ghost Club at London's Buffalo Bar, 2001
Ghost Club - Ghost Club Theme (Kings Arms, Flying Nun 30th anniversary, 17 November 2011)

Flying Nun


David Mitchell - guitar, vocals

Denise Roughan - drums, bass

Jim Abbott - bass, drums

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