Greg Churchill

He has an audible signature that is recognisable as his DNA. You can hear it in the bass. You can hear it in his timings. No other New Zealand DJ has managed to put his own stamp on a dance genre as effectively, or as internationally, as Greg Churchill.

“And so in the middle of the romperstompering longest time way down in the repeated low bass sounds of the late late engine room of the night’s music,” described Harry van der Velt from a now-disappeared blog in 2005, “the DJ Greg Churchill starts dropping hints, way way tantalising hints of build coming in after all that time when my body was just repeating the stamp of the beat, the force of it all, the pistons of god, every heavy stomp that ever was compressed and pushed into another and layered over …”

Da Biz
Greg Churchill
New Plymouth, 2012
Clown Punch
Greg at Our House - Supanova, Ellerslie Racecourse, Auckland, November 2009
Photo credit: UpFM collection
It's All Bang Bang, 2012
The Club, Christchurch, 17 August 2012
Photo credit: Photo by Hayden Leverage Watkins. Thanks to Faction Photography
Juice TV interview
Infused Trash
Shock Rocket EP, a top 10 UK club hit on the Gung Ho! label, 2006
Lesser Meaning
BPM Mix 01 flyer, 2000
95bFM flyer for the Aural Trash show with Angela Fisken
Shock Rocket
Aside From U
The 2013 remix of the classic Budonkadonk
Flyer for the launch of BPM Mix 01 Calibre, Auckland, June 2000
Greg Churchill at BPM Records, 1997
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
The poster for the 1996 Box CD. New Zealand's first DJ Mix CD, it was released in a gold metal tin and limited to 1500 copies.
Auckland's DJ godfathers: Sam Hill, Greg Churchill, Sample Gee at Deadmau5, Vector Arena, Auckland, April 2011
Red Bull Interview with Greg Churchill

The metal tin the 1996 Box CD came in was extremely CD unfriendly and the discs broke with some frequency, thus ensuring its rarity.


Underwater Records



Move To Trash

Gung Ho!


It's All Bang Bang (Superstringz Remix)

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