Concord Dawn

Concord Dawn is New Zealand’s most successful drum and bass act. Since forming in 1999, Evan Short and Matt Harvey have released a multitude of albums and singles, as well as founding their own record label, Uprising Records. Concord Dawn continues to release music and DJ across the globe.

Originally a production duo comprising Evan Short and Matt Harvey, Short left in 2008 to focus on other studio and band commitments while Harvey continues producing and DJing under the Concord Dawn moniker.

2007 Christchurch poster
Concord Dawn.
Matt Harvey
Broken Eyes
Interview by EntertainMe
Matt Harvey: "Drum and bass … it’s cemented itself as a genre, long term."
Serious Business TV: Concord Dawn Interview
Concord Dawn.
Concord Dawn - On My Own (2020)
Morning Light
Evan Short and Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey and Evan Short, hanging out in the Auckland CBD. 
Concord Dawn - The Fuzz
Matt Harvey: "I don’t really consider an act to be live unless the drums are live."
Concord Dawn. The frenetic ‘Morning Light’ put them on the map globally in 2003, after UK DJ Digital was handed a copy while watching the cricket at their Auckland flat. 
Concord Dawn.
Move (Feat. Jdubs)
Matt Harvey: after 10 years living and working in Europe, it was time to come home in 2016. “I was stuck in a holding pattern … it was fun, but it wasn’t anything new.”
Concord Dawn - Gumshoe
Evan Short and Matt Harvey
The Enemy Within (2010)
Concord Dawn – Wormhole
Concord Dawn - 1999
These Prison Walls (ft. Thomas Oliver)

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