aka Peter Wadams

“Watching groups like Public Enemy and Run DMC, I didn’t really see how I could do the vocals. I was like, ‘How do you rap?’ I just thought, if I could be involved, I’d rather be the cool guy at the back playing the records. He’s not up front, but he’s very important to the group.”

Peter Wadams, aka P-Money, is recalling the inspiration that has seen him play “the cool guy at the back” across the many phases of his career. It’s seen him establish his name as a battle DJ, produce records for Scribe, Che Fu, David Dallas and Aaradhna, and build Dirty Records from the ground up with Kog Transmissions, to its amalgamation with Dawn Raid Entertainment under the Frequency Media Group banner.

Stop The Music
Everything feat. Vince Harder
Poi E - 4 Corners, P-Money & Patea Maori Club (APRA Silver Scrolls)
Chris Chetland and P-Money, 2008.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
P-Money at 95bFM
Photo credit: Brett 'Omega B' Wagner Collection
P-Money - Celebration Flow ft. Aaradhna, Talib Kweli
At Kog Central, 2002. L to R: 4 Corners' Hepaklypz, P-Money, Scribe, then Koma and Omega B from 4 Corners
Photo credit: Brett 'Omega B' Wagner Collection
P Money (New Zealand) V iLL Taktikz (Belgium) - DMC Battle For World Supremacy - Round 1
DMC World DJ Final 2001
Gratitude -2013
P-Money, Chris Chetland and Dawn Raid's Andy Murnane, 2008. 
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Say Yeah feat. David Dallas & Aaradhna
P-Money in studio with M.O.P.
Falling Down feat. Milan Borich
Dance With You feat. PNC, Vince Harder, Meryl Cassie & Mz J
Auckland Hip-Hop Summit, Auckland Town Hall, 2002 - P-Money, DJ Shan, Ladi-6, Scribe, Callum August, Koma
Photo credit: Brett 'Omega B' Wagner Collection
In the studio, 2008 with Dawn Raid's Andy Murnane, Phil Bell (then Back2 Basics editor), Savage, Chris Chetland and P-Money.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
NZ Musician Feb/March 2001
P-Money feat. Scribe and Four Corners - Synchronise Thoughts
1997 New Zealand ITF Finals - P-Money - Elimination Round
Anika Moa and P-Money photographed for the cover of Rip It Up.
P-Money in his studio
Everything, 2010
P-Money - ITF 99 World Finals (Elimination Set)
Peter Wadams AKA P-Money
Reminisce ft. Blaison Maven

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