aka Aaradhna Patel

Since the early 2000s, Aaradhna Jayantilal Patel – the Indian-Samoan singer, songwriter, and producer who records and performs simply as Aaradhna – has become one of New Zealand’s most loved R&B and soul artists.

From playing a central role in the rise of South Auckland’s Dawn Raid Entertainment to speaking truth to power at the 2016 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, Aaradhna’s talent and accomplishments have firmly etched her name within our history books. And having received a Grammy nomination for best reggae album in 2017 for her songwriting work on Samoan singer J Boog’s Wash House Ting album, she continues to move ever closer to doing the same within the annals of popular music worldwide.

Wake Up (Live at The House Of Blues, 2013)
Aaradhna - Brown Girl (2016)
Lorena Bobbitt
Aaradhna performs at a reception for US act Audiopharmacy
Wake Up
P-Money - Celebration Flow ft. Aaradhna, Talib Kweli
Savage - They Don't Know ft. Aaradhna
Aaradhna joins Sam Wicks in the RNZ studio to discuss her new album 'Brown Girl', the track of the same name and the issues that go along with it. (July 2016)
Down Time
You Don't Love Me Anymore
Aaradhna on Aotearoa Social Club
Great Man
I Love You Too

In late 2007 and early 2008, Aaradhna lived in Los Angeles, where she was recording for Tongan professional American football player Ma'ake Kemoeatu's record label MK Entertainment.

Aaradhna can beatbox. She also creates the demo versions of her songs in her home studio.

Aaradhna 's Wake Up single peaked at No.15 on the USA R&B/Soul chart on iTunes.


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