Shapeshifter Profile

Martyn Pepperell
20 Jan 2014

Formed in Christchurch in 1999, Shapeshifter's brand of South Pacific jungle/drum and bass and heavy soul has become an integral part of the tapestry of our live and recorded music scene. Consistently selling gold to platinum and playing sold-out tours across the country and abroad, their influence and impact is undeniable.

During the late 90s, the jungle/drum and bass scene was one of the most interesting, credible, and vibrant dance music cultures in the world. As the decade progressed, the power of this UK-born genre's furious breakbeat drums, thunderous bass lines and futuristic melodic and textural sensibilities became increasingly crucial to the development and evolution of New Zealand's rave and nightclub scene.

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L to R: Sam, Nick, Devin, Darren, P-Digsss
Photo credit: Photo by Oliver Rose
Bring Change
The Making of the Vampire - Part 1
Shapeshifter, 2010 - L to R: P-Digsss, Devin, Nick, Sam, Johnny
In Colour
Been Missin
Shapeshifter feat Ladi6 - When I Return
The Making of the Vampire - Part 2
Electronic Press Kit 2009
Groove Guide, August 2004
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Long White Cloud
Diamond Trade
L to R: P-Digsss, Nick, Sam, Devin, Redford
Twin Galaxies
Electric Dream
L to R: Nick, Darren, Devin, Sam, P-Digsss
Shapeshifter 2005 - L to R: Redford, P-Digsss, Devin, Nick, Sam

Fabel Music

Low Profile

Kog Transmissions

Truetone Recordings

Hospital Records

Hussle Recordings


Salmonella Dub


Devin Abrams - saxophone, synthesiser

Sam Trevethick - guitar, keyboards, percussion

Nick Robinson - bass, keyboards

P Digsss - vocals

Darren Mathiassen - drums, percussion

Redford Grenell - drums, percussion

Johnny Hooves - drums, percussion


Redford Grenell's father is the New Zealand country music legend John Grenell.