Tali Profile

aka Natalia Scott, Natalia Sheppard
Martyn Pepperell
Published: 10 Aug 2014
Updated: 17 Dec 2020

During the late 90s and early 2000s, UK jungle/ drum & bass music was one of the crucial sounds of underground cool across New Zealand. It was a decidedly male dominated scene, but as the new millennium dawned a shift began, heralded by the arrival of a young Christchurch based MC and promoter known as Tali.

Equally adept at singing, rapping and hosting the stage, Tali, whose given name was Natalia Scott (now Natalia Sheppard), made the transition from a regional figure to a national underground star quickly, before making the jump across the ditch to Melbourne.

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At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, with Rogue Nouveau
Tali and Emma G, 2014.
A BBC 1 drum and bass takeover
Tali - Eye On You
Tali - Berlin
MC Tali in Perth, WA
Rogue Nouveau publicity shot
Photo credit: Photo by Hacker Photography
Tali with Adam F and Roni Size
MC Tali & Ed Rush - Dark Days
Tali with LTJ Bukem, Rhythm And Alps, 2012
Tali featuring Harry Leatherby - Tiny Little Pieces (live at York St Studio, August 6 2014)
Tali with full band, Rhythm And Alps, 2012
Powerful - Tali, Melinki and Verva Featuring Melodownz
Tali onstage at Splore Festival with DJ Marky, 2019.
Tali in 2014
Tali - How To Get High
Rogue Nouveau publicity shot
Photo credit: Photo by Hacker Photography
Tali and band onstage MainStage at Northern Bass 2018.
Tali - 'Shot By Lauren'
Photo credit: Photo by Hacker Photography
MC Tali Jet Set Love
Tali - Forces (2014)
Tali - Love & Migration
The original 12-inch single of Lyric On My Lip, issued in 2002 on the Full Cycle label, and produced by the label's co-owner, Roni Size
Tali - the image that was used for her album cover 'Love & Migration' Shot by Jamie Mae Lees.
Tali and Emma G in Prague, 2019.
Tali - Of Things To Come
Tali with Andy C in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tali at Glastonbury, warming up for Q-Tip, 2009
Tali covering Kendrick Lemar's Swimming Pools for George FM
Tali winning 'Best Electronic Artist' at the 2019 VNZMAS.
A Rogue Nouveau publicity shot
Photo credit: Photo by Candice-Joelle Medina Wordley
Love & Migration (State Of Mind Remix)
The image used on the cover of the 2002 single Lyric On My Lip. The single entered the UK Singles Chart in August that year, re-entering again in May 2004 when Tali's album was released.
Concord Dawn feat Tali - Moonlighting (2014)

Tali’s mother is Taranaki artist Margaret Scott


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