Dave Roper Profile

aka D-Rave
Lewis Tennant
1 Jul 2016

A music promoter is someone who will publicise and promote upcoming local or national live events and concerts. He or she will also organise the events, book the band or bands, and advertise in a way to bring in as many people as possible, which in turn, will hopefully bring in profits.

The duties performed while delivering show and artist to venue and host city are often not so clear cut however, as longstanding music promoter Dave Roper found while carrying a passed out hip hop superstar between breakfast at Denny’s and said rapper’s hotel room.

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Dave Roper and The Pharcyde Crew
Dave Roper and Xzibit
Dave Roper in the late 1990s
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Dave Roper and MF Doom
Dave Roper and Biz Markie