Simon Kong

In 1991, 15-year-old Simon Kong made a habit of sneaking into Christchurch nightclubs. “Back then the DJs were really technically good, and they would play across the board,” he says. “Knowing what I know now, what you heard in the club was incredible. I would literally dance all night.”

It was an era when dance music was infiltrating the international pop mainstream. Closer to home, a warehouse rave scene was emerging around New Zealand. Long obsessed with hi-fi gear, radio and records, Simon was fast becoming the music guy at parties. He even hosted a rudimentary dance party at a community hall. “I was really innocent. I thought everyone would dance. Everyone turned up drunk and ended up throwing up in the bushes.”

Simon Kong speaking at the 2013 Aotearoa Digital Art
Simon Kong with Christchurch DJs John Ussher and Daniel Veitch, aka Heel & Face
Simon Kong, 2008
Wellington producer and DJ Simon Swain with Simon Kong
City Lights flyer for Dux Live, 2012
Simon Kong at Kill! Club, 2009, with Ben Fulford-Talbot, his partner in the concept
Simon Kong
UK Garage DJ T. Williams at Winnie Bagoes with Hard Lee - a Kidnap INC and C/U promotion
Tommy Flowers with Pylonz and Hard Lee, a City Undergroud (or C/U) promotion
US (formerly New Zealand based) DJ and producer Recloose presented by City Nights at 3rd Door Down, September 2014
Daytime in the .3rd Resistance
KILL! CLUB - live @ canaan downs festival
The Kidnap INC logo. Kidnap INC is Simon Kong's event management brand.
Simon Kong at Kill! Club, 2009
KILL! CLUB with HD visuals live mix
The UK's DJQ at Winnie Bagoes, July 2004, with Hard Lee and Pylonz, and promoted by Simon Kong's Kidnap INC
Canaan Downs 2008/9 Mostly by Night
DJ Hard Lee, aka Simon Kong

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