The Nomad

aka Daimon Schwalger, Locuste, DJ Damey D

Daimon Schwalger aka The Nomad has forged a career as a fiercely independent New Zealand music artist since 1989, a longevity not many can lay claim to. Along the way he has formed enduring connections in the form of long-term collaborators, vocalists and players.

The day after he visited Dunedin’s Taipei Club for the first time in 1989, Schwalger moved out of the family home. Reflecting on his music career quarter of a century later, he credits that evening with providing the catalyst for the journey that followed.

The Nomad
The Nomad promoting his album Level Three in Wellington, 2002
The Nomad - Perilous Times (2011)
Urban Soul Orchestra recording in Auckland in 2008
Electric Boogie, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, 1997
The Nomad, 2004
The Nomad, Wellington, 2003
The Nomad and Tiki Taane, Christchurch 1998
Salmonella Dub and Locuste with David Harrow, 1996
Daimon Schwalger, 1987
The Nomad in Wellington on the Perilous Times tour, 2011
The Nomad, 2014
The Nomad's daughter Amelia taking VJ lessons, 2016
The Nomad, 2002
The Nomad's 1999 Second Selection album tour
The Nomad in the studio, 2005
The Nomad
The Nomad, 2003
A flyer for the Locuste's Progeny EP, 1996
The Nomad in the studio, Wellington, 2003
The Nomad - Put On Ya Turban ft. Dexter Malawi (2015)
The Nomad with MC Antsman and Vanessa, Indigo Bar, 1999
Daimon Schwalger aka The Nomad.
The Nomad with Second Selection album dub plates, 2001
The Nomad in Wellington on the Perilous Times tour, 2011
The Nomad on the Perilous Times tour, 2011
Recording Level Three in Wellington
The Nomad, 2014
The Nomad at Wellington's Bar Bodega, 2002
Tehimana Kerr recording for Level Three, 2001
The Nomad, 1999
The Nomad with King Kapisi, Sandwiches, April 2001
The reconditioning of Dunedin club Genesis in 1990
DJ Daimon, 1996
Universal Breaks, Daeger Bar, Christchurch, 1998
The Nomad, 2014
The Nomad featuring Christina Roberts - Seductive Wolf Eyes (2014)
The Nomad in his Wellington studio, 2008
The Nomad at Auckland's Khuja Lounge, April 2005
The Nomad at Methven Big Air, 2011
The Nomad in Christchurch with CDs and covers for the 1998 album, Movement
Daimon and friends at Dunedin's Tai Pei nightclub in 1989 just before he started to DJ
The Nomad and Lotus Hartley, 2000
The Nomad's first studio in Christchurch, 1998
1997 Southern Lights DJ Tour
The Nomad with MC Antsman, Christchurch, 1996
Daimon in Dunedin, outside a church with friends, 1988
The Nomad and Rodney P at Splore, 2015
The Nomad with Infinite (2023), a two-LP limited edition vinyl release featuring the best of his music since his beginnings in 1998.
The Nomad on tour, 2014
The Nomad, 2006
Daimon and daughter Amelia, 2005
The Nomad with Rockers Hi-Fi, Christchurch 1998
The Nomad performing Movement at The Gathering, 1998
Mixing The Nomad's first album, with Tiki Taane, Christchurch, 1998
The Nomad and MC Antsman Parihaka, 2007
The Nomad featuring Jornick & Sarah - Deeper (2014)
The Nomad Quinessence tour, 2005
1994 DJ competition at the Worcester Bar, Christchurch

Schwalger has worked with visual artist Michael Tuffery on art installations, as well as embarking on similar collaborations with artists Rangi Kipa and Shane Cotton.



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