Jodi Vaughan

She was one of the biggest names in New Zealand country music in the 1980s, but Jodi Vaughan was born in Australia and originally crossed the Tasman to attend a 21st birthday party. Her throaty delivery, bubbly personality and sexy image saw the 4'11" singer become a television star and top-selling recording artist in her adopted home.

She was spotted on a TV talent quest in 1976 by guitarist Gray Bartlett and began a collaboration with him and Brendan Dugan that would endure virtually unscathed. Despite the odd bump in the road, their greatest successes have been in each other’s company.

Gray Bartlett, Jodi Vaughan and Brendan Dugan in 2009
Jodi Vaughan, Gray Bartlett and Brendan Dugan - Queen of the Silver Dollar (Highway of Legends tour)
Gray Bartlett, Jodi Vaughan and Brendan Dugan in the early 2000s
Brendan Dugan and Jodi Vaughan's 1982 album Fairweather Friends
Brendan Dugan, bass guitarist Greg O’Donnell, Jodi Vaughan, Coronation Street actor Kevin Kennedy and Gray Bartlett, 1990s. 
Photo credit: Jodi Vaughan collection
That’s Country ensemble, early 1980s. Left to right: Paddy Long, Gray Bartlett, Maree Humphries, Pat Kearns, Jodi Vaughan, Gypsy Mountain Pickers Kevin Atkinson and Ron Valente, American guests George Hamilton IV and Billie Jo Spears, and host Ray Columbus.
Jodi Vaughan's booking agent publicity photo 
NZ Country News, January-February 1983
Photo credit: Redmer Yska collection
Cast, musicians and crew of the first series of That’s Country, 1980. Red McKelvie (far left) waves, host Ray Columbus (brown jacket) is flanked by Suzanne Lynch (left) and Jodi Vaughan.
Photo credit: Gary Sammons collection
Touch Your Heart
Jodi Vaughan (right) and fan Judy Gibb in the early 1980s
Photo credit: Jodi Vaughan collection
Jodi Vaughan at 16, when she was still known as Elaine Moore.
Photo credit: Jodi Vaughan collection
American guest artist Barbara Fairchild, bass guitarist Gary Sammons and Jodi Vaughan on a night out after That’s Country filming, early 1980s.
Photo credit: Gary Sammons collection
Al Hunter and Jodi Vaughan on Dixie Chicken (1987)
Jodi Vaughan in the 2000s
Jodi Vaughan with Brendan Dugan and Suzanne Lynch - New York Wine & Tennessee Shine (That's Country)
Jodi Vaughan's 1984 album Rodeo Eyes
Jodi Vaughan performing on Dixie Chicken (1987)
That's Country (1982)
Jodi Vaughan - Midnight Special (live at NZ Variety Artists Club, 2008)
Jodi Vaughan and Brendan Dugan perform 'If I Needed You'
Jodi Vaughan booking agent promo card
Jodi Vaughan's self-titled 1978 debut album

Jodi Vaughan found her birth mother at the end of the 1970s and tracked down her three siblings with the help of an Australian television show that reunited them on screen.








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