Eddie Low

When he signed as a solo act to Joe Brown’s label in 1970, the canny impresario billed him as the “voice in a million”. More than 40 years on and Eddie Low’s voice is still a gorgeous instrument, resonant and honeyed.

Born blind on 14 May, 1945, Eddie Low developed his musical talent and skills on a wide range of instruments at the Blind Institute in Auckland.

Daphne Walker and Eddie Low at the 2019 VAC Benny Awards.
Photo credit: Michael Colonna
Eddie Low sings Avenues and Alleyways - Miss New Zealand 1973
Eddie Low on The Beat Goes On
Eddie Low in the Quin Tikis, from Don't Let It Get You (1966)
New Zealand artists at the Tamworth Country Music festival (L-R): Aly Cook, Kevin Greaves, Eddie Low, Brendan Dugan.
Photo credit: Aly Cook Collection
Eddie Low
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Eddie Low, 1972
Eddie Low, 1970
Photo credit: Redmer Yska Collection
I Can't Stop Loving You and I Am Me (Live)
The Sundowners in Sydney: Billy Nuku (back right), Triggy Delano (middle front), Eddie Low (right front), John Rowles (left back), Nephi Shortland (middle back), Ian Franklin (left front)
Eddie Low is Presented with the Benny 2009 by Max Cryer
Four Benny award winners and other friends celebrate Eddie Low's 70th birthday, Cambridge, 2015. From left: Gray Bartlett, Brendan Dugan, Dennis Marsh, Eddie Low, Kim Willoughby, and Tom Sharplin; at right are three of Rusty Greaves's 14 children: Michelle, Kevin and Lex.
Photo credit: Gray Bartlett collection
Eddie Low's debut album on Joe Brown Records, 1970
Eddie Low on stage with Graffiti in the mid-1970s. Ritchie Pickett extreme right.
The Sundowners with John Rowles - Billy Nuku (back left), Triggy Delano (middle back), Eddie Low (left front), John Rowles (right front)
Eddie Low, 1970, on the set of an NZBC show
Photo credit: Phto by Robert Joiner. Redmer Yska Collection
The Maori Volcanics in 1976, with Billy T. James, supported by The Yandall Sisters, Eddie Low and Family Affair
Eddie Low (rear left) with The Quin Tikis on an album released for Joe Brown's label in 1968

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