Joe Wylie

aka Gerald Wylie

Joe Wylie has had a long career as an animator and cartoonist. Along the way he created posters and record covers for bands and made the groundbreaking video for Toy Love’s ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’.

In the 90s he stopped and didn’t draw for many years. The Christchurch earthquakes brought him back to life as an artist and his funny and incisive political cartoons are now regularly seen on the blogosphere.

An artwork gifted to Jean Clarkson by Joe Wylie
Joe Wylie's Rough Justice poster, late 1970s
Photo credit: Design by Joe Wylie
Joe Wylie.
A Joe Wylie and Chris Knox poster for Closet Artists' 1981 
The rear sleeve of the Neville Purvis single, 1977
Te Rerenga Wairua (A Joe Wylie led PEP scheme with The Clean's music) (1984)
Toy Love - Bride Of Frankenstein (1980)
Joe Wylie's label for Dalvanius' Maui Records, 1983
Joe Wylie's cover for Colin Wilson's Strips No.10, 1979
The Techtones, 1980. Poster design by Joe Wylie. 
Joe Wylie's front sleeve for the Neville Purvis (aka Arthur Baysting) single It Takes Money b/w Disco On My Radio (Vertigo, 1977). 'It Takes Money' was co-written by Purvis and Jan Preston; 'Disco' by Purvis alone. The musicians were mostly members of the Red Mole band, with Beaver and Jean McAllister - the "Purvettes" - on backing vocals.
Toy Love at Auckland's Gluepot, 1979
Neville Purvis at Wellington's Balcony with Red Mole, 1977
An artwork gifted to Arthur Baysting by Joe Wylie in the early 1980s
The Nightwatchman (with John Robertson; short film, 1993)
Chris Knox, Joe Wylie and Barry Linton
The Joe Wylie cover for Patea Māori Club's Poi-E album

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