John Donoghue

aka Timberjack Donoghue

“Come to the sabbat, Satan’s there,” the John Donoghue-led Timberjack implored in 1971, as they spun their version of Black Widow’s dark, possessed rock-out ‘Come To The Sabbat’ to the NZ populace, scoring a surprise hit on Wellington indie Ode Records and a Loxene Golden Disc finalist spot.

Even better was ‘Dahli Mohammed’ credited to Timberjack Donoghue as an alias – a seriously striking piece of eastern-sounding psychedelia (also on Ode) and another Loxene Golden Disc finalist in 1972. Guitarist-vocalist Donoghue was solo by then, having shed Timberjack.

John Donoghue 1975
Timberjack in 1971 with Steve McDonald, Frits Stiger, John Donoghue and Stu Johnstone
Poster for Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band's 1974 single 'Television Mama.' A song written for the band by John Donoghue (bottom of photo) as a sequel to 1973's 'Miss September'
Cheshire Katt band performing at the Bowl Niteclub, Queen Street, Auckland, July 1969
L to R: - John Donoghue, guitar, Colin McClean, drums and Doug Reid, bass.
Photo credit: John Donoghue collection
The Northland Titanics, 2018. From left: Alex Simeti, Billy Kristian, John Donoghue, Dave Gorrie.
Photo credit: John Donoghue
John Donoghue in the 1960s
The Warratahs in 1988. John Donoghue second from left.
John Donoghue, 1972
Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band original line-up, 1972. Back, left to right, Kevin Findlater, Paul Curtis, Richard Egan, Brien McCrea. Front, John Donoghue and Neil Worboys.
John Donoghue
Cheshire Katt, 1967: Dennis McCann, Doug Reid, John Donoghue and Colin McClean
The Hustler album photo shoot with John Donoghue, Glenn Mikkelson (Zaine Griff) and Martin Hope
The 1974 Human Instinct album The Huster featured Maurice Greer, Martin Hope, John Donoghue and Glenn Mikkelson (aka Zaine Griff) with the latter writing five of the nine tracks
Photo credit: Susy Pointon
John Donoghue performing solo at Waitangi Treaty Grounds on Waitangi Day, 2015
Photo credit: John Donoghue
John Donoghue (right) in The Bandidos, 2001
John Donoghue, 1974
Photo credit: John Donoghue
Timberjack – Come to the Sabbat
The Bandidos Streetband at Waitangi Treaty Grounds on Waitangi Day, 1997. From left: John Donoghue, Richard Rua Mason, Peter Rihia, Adrien Ruka.
Photo credit: John Donoghue
The Human Instinct in 1974: John Donoghue, Glenn Mikkelson (Zaine Griff), Maurice Greer and Martin Hope
Wayne Mason (left) and John Donoghue (right) performing at the 2014 Ngapuhi Festival
Photo credit: John Donoghue collection
John Donoghue and Martin Hope, 1973

It was Donoghue who came up with the name The Warratahs, taking it from Footrot Flats






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