Judge Wayne and The Convicts

Judge Wayne and the Convicts lasted only a year and a bit, and released just one single and a compilation EP on Viking Records before dissolving under acrimonious circumstances. In that brief time they brought an untamed wildness to their shows that had seldom been seen in New Zealand.

In 1964, with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones breaking into the big time and Christchurch’s Ray Columbus and The Invaders riding the success of ‘She’s A Mod’ across Australia and New Zealand, there were few things more fab to have in your backyard than a beat band, especially a British beat band.

Judge Wayne And The Convicts
A early pre-Judge Wayne And The Convicts lineup: unknown, unknown, Tom Williamson, Gib Williamson, friend (and aspiring manager) Tony Holt and Mike Williamson
Dave Camp, Mike Williamson, Tom Williamson, Gib Williamson and Wayne Thompson

"Judge" Wayne Thompson - vocals

Albert "Gib" Williamson - guitar

Tom Williamson - guitar

Mike Williamson - bass

Dave Camp - drums




At the age of 13, Evan Silva got up on to a stage for the first time and sang with Judge Wayne and the Convicts. Silva went on to have a long musical career with The Action and The Compulsion and as a solo performer.

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