Judy Bailey

Looking for more venues to play and more musicians to play with, a contingent of young jazz musicians left New Zealand in the early 1960s, never to return. Among them were Mike Nock, Alan Broadbent, Dave MacRae, and Joy Yates. All have maintained a profile in New Zealand, thanks to visits home or updates in the media. Another in this group is the pianist, composer, arranger and teacher Judy Bailey, who became a stalwart of the Australian jazz scene.

Born in Auckland in 1935, Bailey grew up in Whangārei but was back in the big city by the mid-1950s to continue her musical education and to take part in the jazz scene. She quickly became prominent in Auckland jazz clubs, including stints at The Hi Diddle Griddle nightclub. 

Judy Bailey describes the El Rocco jazz club, Sydney
Judy Bailey Quartet. From left: Ron Philpott, Judy Bailey, Col Loughnan, Ron Lemke.
Judy Bailey photographed for her 1964 LP You and the Night and the Music.
Judy Bailey in the Sydney Opera House recording hall, 15 October 1977. 
Photo credit: Stuart Goodman
Richard Nunns performs on a pūmotomoto, a long flute, with Judy Bailey at the piano. Their Tuhonohono projected wove together the musical traditions of classical, world, and jazz.
Photo credit: Rattle collection
Judy Bailey
Judy Bailey Quartet - Colours (Eureka, 1976)
Judy Bailey: the A-side of My Favourite Things (CBS, 1965)
Judy Bailey in the early 1960s during the El Rocco period, Sydney (L-R): Errol Buddie, Judy Bailey, John Sangster, Mike Ross.
Judy Bailey - My Favourite Things (CBS, 1965). An album of standards recorded with drummer John Sangster, bassist Ed Gaston, saxophonist Graeme Lyall, and Jack Grimsley on trombone. 
Christchurch jazz albums, reviewed by The Press in 1965: Barry Markwick's first album of Beatles interpretations, Judy Bailey's album You and The Night and The Music, and Makin' Tracks by Stu Buchanan with the NZ National Jazz Quartet. 
Photo credit: The Press, 12 May 1965
Judy Bailey as cultural ambassador in Asia: being presented to the Governor of Sabah after her 1978 concert in Kota Kinabalu.
Judy Bailey: Notwithstanding (ABC, 1980, reissued 1991). The photograph, from 1962, was taken by David Hewison. 
Judy Bailey - Jazz Australia (CBS Australia,1967). A compilation album featuring Don Burrows, Bernie McGann, Johnny Sangster, and Judy Bailey, performing their own works. 
Judy Bailey performing at the Soup Plus Restaurant, Sydney, in 1985. In the background is the bassist Ron Philpott.
Judy Bailey Quintet Live - Colors Of My Dream feat. John Sangster
2022 Australia Council Don Banks Music Award - Dr Judy Bailey OAM
Judy Bailey Trio at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival 2007
The Judy Bailey Quartet, Sydney, 1974 (L-R): Ken Jones (saxophone), Ron Philpott (bass), Judy Bailey (piano), and John Pochee (drums)
Judy Bailey Quartet - from the inner sleeve of the Colours album (Eureka, 1976)
Judy Bailey Trio on Australian TV show Be Our Guest, 1966. With John Sangster and Ed Gaston.
Judy Bailey: the B-side of My Favourite Things (CBS, 1965)
Judy Bailey Trio at the| Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival, 2018.
Judy Bailey
Judy Bailey: side one of her 1978 album Solo, recorded in the Sydney Opera House. 
Judy Bailey Trio playing My Romance, 2010
Judy Bailey's debut album, You and the Night and the Music (CBS, 1964), recorded with New Zealand bassist Lyn Christie, and Australian drummer John Sangster. 
Judy Bailey Trio - Pendulum (Live at Jazzgroove, 2011)
Judy Bailey Quartet - One Moment (Philips, 1974)
Judy Bailey, 2021
Judy Bailey performing at the El Rocco in Sydney during the early 1960s.
Judy Bailey: Solo (1978). Cover photo by David Liddle
Judy Bailey, Steve Barry - Elements (Rattle, 2020). Two New Zealand-born pianists on two pianos, recorded live in a one-set, entirely improvised concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in August 2018.
Three members of the Judy Bailey Quartet, performing at the NSW Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, in the late 1970s. From left: Ron Philpott (bass), Judy Bailey (piano) and Col Loughnan (saxophone). Out of the frame is drummer John Pochee.
Judy Bailey - back cover of One Moment (Eureka, 1974). From left: Ron Philpott, John Pochee, Ken Jones, and Judy Bailey. All the tracks but two were by Bailey; 'Lullaby of Birdland' was by George Shearing, 'You've Changed' by Carl Fischer. 
Judy Bailey: side two of her 1978 album Solo, featuring a medley of Beatles songs, and her own compositions 'The Spritely Ones' and 'Ningana'. 





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