aka Lole Usoali’i, Lolenese Usoali’i-Hickey

Lole Usoali’i, a Samoan-New Zealander, grew up in Wellington and started out singing in groups at church, beginning a journey that would involve the legendary Phil Fuemana, a Pacific Music Award and eventually her own successful record label and recording company back in Samoa.

Later, while in her teens, she took her talents onstage with local nightclub bands. Lole moved to Auckland in late 1994 and got in touch with her sole contact, producer Phil Fuemana. He got her to provide a track for his Urban Pacific Christmas compilation (1994), and this led to her singing on Matty J’s album Deeper and recordings by Wellington's Igelese, the following year.

Just Wanna
Live at the Pacific Music Awards 2008
1997 single on Deepgrooves
Arise Tu i Luga



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