Matthew Bannister

Matthew Bannister arrived in Dunedin from Scotland with an itch to scratch. Born in 1962, his head was filled with dreams of The Beatles, The Kinks and Fairport Convention. He had a vague notion of making music like they had – big, bold albums defined by great playing and lofty musical experimentation. Songs drenched with harmony, sitting atop soaring melodies and choruses that hooked and just wouldn’t let go.

Fortunately for Bannister, he was in the right place at the right time. Musical change was about to sweep through Dunedin.

The Changing Same - Baby Tonight
The Weather's Aroha Avenue, 2008
Matthew Bannister's longtime musical collaborator and partner Alice Bulmer
The Weather - That's the Main Thing
Matthew Bannister outside Experience Music Project, Seattle, Washington, during the 2007 Pop Conference
Dribbling Darts of Love - Hey Judith
Positively George Street, Matthew Bannister's 1999 history of his time as a Flying Nun artist. The book caused some controversy at the time (and some solid support) in the music community. 
Matthew Bannister
One Man Bannister's Birds & Bees, 2015
Dribbling Darts Of Love's Present Perfect, 1993
Dribbling Darts of Love: Matthew Bannister, Alan Gregg and Alice Bulmer
Rubber Solo, 2019
Sneaky Feelings in the mid-1980s - Martin Durrant, Matthew Bannister, David Pine, John Kelcher
Sneaky Feelings: David Pine, Kat Tyrie, Martin Durrant and Matthew Bannister, circa 1983
One Man Bannister - Tomorrow Never Knows (Thirsty Dog, Auckland, Friday September 6, 2013)
Matthew Bannister - Life's A Mistake
One Man Bannister's debut album, Moth, 2007
The Changing Same - Nobody Knows (They Can't Be Sure)
One Man Bannister's Evolver, 2013
Dribbling Darts Of Love's Shoot, 1990
The Changing Same - In The Beginning
Dribbling Darts Of Love's Florid Dabblers Voting, 1991
The Changing Same: Matthew Bannister, Nick Johnston and Stan Jagger
Matthew Bannister and The Weather, 2000: Mike Beck, Paula Law, Alice Bulmer and Matthew Bannister

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