Mike Harding

Initially interpreting the folk songs of his contemporaries, Mike Harding won a recording industry award with a collection of his own songs in the 80s and has spent the decades since championing New Zealand folk and popular song from the 19th century to today.

In 1992, his book When The Pakeha Sings Of Home: A Source Guide To The Folk & Popular Songs Of New Zealand was published and Harding was in high demand on radio and in person recirculating the material he had compiled.

Poles Apart folk music club poster.
Gumboot Tango - No Warships (2012)
Mike Harding
Taranaki Sol and Mike Harding
Mike Harding - From The Tracks (National Radio, 1996)
Mike Harding - One For You (Replay Radio NZ, 1989)
Chris Priestley and Mike Harding, Songcatchers tour, 2011.
Mike Harding and Taranaki Sol Freakers Ball tour poster
Taranaki Sol and Mike Harding, Summertime Blues (No Cure) Tour.
Advertisement for Mike Harding releases including 2008's Here We Have A Land (Folk Songs of New Zealand)  and 1998's Past To Present (New Zealand in Song).
MIke Harding - From the Edge (Cityfolk Record Co, 1987)
Mike Harding and Taranaki Sol
Letter from New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange to Mike Harding, 1986.
Mike Harding - poster for Time On The Road album tour, 1984.
Mike Harding with Gumboot Tango - Rubber Sole (2008)
Cath Woodman and Mike Harding - Home Is Where The Heart Is (Hay St Revisited) (c 1991)
The 1990 Whitecliffs family festival lineup included Mike Harding, John Grenell, Beaver and the Coal Rangers
Mike Harding wins first prize for songwriting at the 1989 Auckland Folk Festival for his song Shaky Isles.
Mike Harding - Kiwimusicana concert, at the Wellington Bluegrass Society, Petone, 28 Sept 2012
Mike Harding - Tahora folk festival 21st, Taranaki
Mike Harding - Local Organic Music tour poster
Mike Harding - Past To the Present print advertisement
Gumboot Tango - Taranaki Top Ten (1995)
Mike Harding performing
Mike Harding - Time on the Road (Cityfolk Record Co, 1984)
Mike Harding - Here We Have A Land (Folk Songs Of New Zealand) (2008)
Mike Harding, 1992
Mike Harding - Past To Present (New Zealand In Song) (1998)
Mike Harding, Songs from the Shaky Isles tour poster.
Admit One: ticket to the Mike Harding and Taranaki Sol Freakers Ball.
Mike Harding in the lineup for the 1989 Whitecliffs Family Festival.
Mike Harding - Time on the Road (Cityfolk Record Co, 1984)
Mike Harding - Down the Hall, Flying Piglets tour 2003.
Mike Harding's Gumboot Tango in the programme for Womad NZ 1999, Auckland.

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