Miriam Clancy

The words – sung quietly over a hushed and haunting backdrop – speak about dead-end suburbs, tinny houses, boys getting young girls pregnant, and that place where “there’s always nothing to do”.

The song is ‘Ghost Town’ on Miriam Clancy’s 2009 Magnetic album and as an encapsulation of lives on New Zealand’s margins it is exceptional: “Around here we got loans, we are known by our second names. Around here we don’t own homes, but we got dope and a Valiant Charger ... Around here we don’t do much, we work hard at giving up”.

Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy: “The fighter in me and my overwhelming love for music and singing took over.”
Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy was born to a Croatian mother and Irish father who were both musicians (“and a fiery blend of genes”).
Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy - Girl About Town (alt version)
Miriam Clancy NZ tour 2019.
Miriam Clancy - The Best (2011)
Miriam Clancy - Astronomy (2019)
Miriam Clancy: “I packed my bags and came to Auckland – then sat around for months waiting for the trip to happen.”
Photo credit: Duncan Cole
Miriam Clancy - When I Do (2009)
Miriam Clancy: after years covering rock classics in 2006 she started to explore a deeper and more emotionally intelligent musical palette for her debut album Lucky One.
Photo credit: Cindy Cavanagh
Miriam Clancy - Kamikaze Angels (2022)
Miriam Clancy - Treasure
Miriam Clancy - Life Extraordinary
Miriam Clancy - Thief (single, 2020)
Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy's career began with four years as lead singer in a band playing around the pubs of the Foxton and Levin area.
Photo credit: Cindy Cavanagh
Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy - The Bells (2019)
Miriam Clancy lives with her family in Kutztown, Pennsylvania - a manageable two-hour trip away from New York city. 
Miriam Clancy.
Miriam Clancy - Lucky One (2006)
Miriam Clancy - The Sound (2019)
Miriam Clancy enjoys the risk of performing solo with her portable technology. "It’s a house of cards, when it works it’s exciting, when it doesn’t it’s a soupy mess." 
Miriam Clancy - Don't Let It Get You (2007)
Miriam Clancy Girl About Town (2006)
Miriam Clancy: her song ‘Ghost Town’ was an “acoustic slice of small town noir,” wrote Greg Fleming. 
Miriam Clancy.
Photo credit: Cindy Cavanagh
Miriam Clancy - Magnetic (2009)
Miriam Clancy - Cat in the Dark (2019)

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