Paul Crowther

aka Emlyn Crowther

Sound has been Paul Crowther’s obsession – and career – since he was a child. He first became known on the national music scene in the mid-1970s, as the Split Enz drummer at the time of the Mental Notes album and during their first forays to Australia and Britain. But his stint with the Enz lasted only two years.

Sound continued to dominate his life and work: he mixed countless bands, helped launch a prominent live sound company, and invented an effects pedal loved by guitarists worldwide: the Hotcake.

Paul Emlyn Crowther, Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to music, at his investiture ceremony held in Auckland, 23 April 2021.
Split Enz - Mental Notes
Split Enz - Mental Notes
Paul Crowther performing at the Auckland Jazz & Blues Club, 2021.
Paul Crowther's homemade synthesiser
Photo credit: Russell Brown
The Hotcake pedal, designed by Paul Crowther.
Split Enz - Second Thoughts (1976)
Paul Crowther with the Crowther Hotcake.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Paul Crowther with The Double Hotcake.
The promo pack sent out by Split Enz's management for the 1975 release of the Mental Notes album
Paul Crowther, in his other happy place. 
1975 publicity shot in Auckland domain. L to R: Noel Crombie, Tim Finn, Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner, Mike Chunn, Paul Crowther, Wally Wilkinson.
Split Enz - Late Last Night (1976)
Mental Notes publicity shot - L to R: Wally Wilkinson (back), Timothy Finn (front), Noel Crombie, Eddie Rayner (back), Jonathan Michael Chunn (front), Philip Judd, Emlyn Crowther (as they were called on the album)
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
Paul Crowther from inside the gatefold of Split Enz's 1975 debut album Mental Notes.
Split Enz in June 1975 with Barry Coburn (third from left) at the Albion Hotel, Auckland.
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Split Enz in a Chrysalis Records publicity photo.
Split Ends late 1974: Mike Chunn, Wally Wilkinson, Noel Crombie, Paul Crowther, Tim Finn, Phil Judd and Eddie Rayner
Paul Crowther performing at the Auckland Jazz & Blues Club, 2021.
Noel Crombie, Wally Wilkinson, Paul Crowther and Phil Judd, 1976
Paul Crowther performing at the Auckland Jazz & Blues Club, 2021.
Split Enz - Maybe (Telethon 1975, NZ On Screen)

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In the 2020 New Year Honours, Paul Emlyn Crowther was appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to music.

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