Eddie Rayner

Eddie Rayner is one of New Zealand’s most influential and well-respected keyboard players. His musical contribution within Split Enz was so essential that it risks overshadowing ground-breaking work he has done outside the group.

He has played keyboards on a Paul McCartney album, been musical director for the APRA Silver Scroll Awards, worked as a producer or studio musician for a long list of hit acts across Australasia, released multiple solo albums, and much more.

Split Enz member Eddie Rayner at the June 2014 A Strange Day's Night shows
Photo credit: Photo by Jason Hailes. Courtesy of the Play It Strange Trust.
The Eddie Rayner Project, 2014. Left to right: Ed Gaiger, Eddie Rayner, Rikki Morris, Jim Hall, Patrick Kuhtze.
Jim Hall in the ConRays, 2010. From left: Eddie Rayner, Mal McCallum, Suzanne Lynch, Paul Crowther, Jim Hall.
Photo credit: Jim Hall Collection
Eddie Rayner radio station ad
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
Split Enz - Late Last Night (1976)
Alastair Riddell and Space Waltz. L to R: Brent Eccles, Peter Cuddihy, Alastair Riddell, Greg Clark, Eddie Rayner
Eddie Rayner - Horse (1995)
When The Cat's Away with Eddie Rayner, Barbara Griffin and Noel Crombie
Jim Hall, Peter Urlich, Jordan Luck, Eddie Rayner. Alexandra Blossom Festival 2016.
Photo credit: Jim Hall Collection
Celebrating 21 Years of Eddie Rayner's ENZO - The Songs of Split Enz (2018)
Jan Hellriegel, Eddie Rayner and Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studios, Auckland, 2009
Space Waltz - Out On The Street (1974)
Eddie Rayner and Bic Runga at the 1999 NZ Music Awards
1980: L to R: Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Nigel Griggs, Eddie Rayner, Malcolm Green, Noel Crombie
Ian Magan holds a black Les Paul guitar, given to him by Split Enz after the band's "final" performance at the Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, December 1984. In front are, from left: manager Nathan Brennan, Eddie Rayner, Paul Hester. At back, from left: Nigel Griggs, Noel Crombie, Neil Finn, Tim Finn, and Ian Magan. 
Photo credit: Bryan Staff
Mike Chunn and Eddie Rayner, 1976
Eddie Rayner, Neil Finn and Dave Dobbyn with Bill Sevesi at the True Colours Festival, St. James, Auckland, 2002
Photo credit: Photo by Mark Roach
Strictly soft drinks ... Mike Chunn and Eddie Rayner
Eddie Rayner, 1979
Eddie Rayner, Tim Finn and Noel Crombie, Europe 1976/77
A gathering at Apra's offices in Parnell, mid 1990s. Among those present are, from left, Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn, Karl Steven, Donna White, Sophie Cook, Chris Bourke, Eddie Rayner (front), Greg Clark, Victoria Kelly, Dave Gent, Debbie Harwood, unidentified, Liz Gallagher, Arthur Baysting.
Photo credit: Apra NZ
Jim Hall’s 70th. Jim at left with Patrick Kuhtze (drums), Stacey Thomas, Mark Hughes, Boh Runga, Mark Dennison, Eddie Rayner.
Photo credit: Jim Hall Collection
Mareea Paterson with (from left) Paul Crowther, Nick Buckton and Eddie Rayner.
Photo credit: Mareea Paterson Collection
The ConRays, 2010. Eddie Rayner, Mal McCallum, Suzanne Lynch, Paul Crowther, Jim Hall.
Photo credit: Jim Hall Collection
Split Enz - Maybe (Telethon, 1975)
Split Enz by the Bluff Sign Post, Stirling Point, Southland in 1977: Mike Chunn, Phil Judd, Noel Crombie, Tim Finn, Rob Gillies, Malcolm Green and Eddie Rayner
Another Life - Laugh About It (2021)
Forenzic - Chances Are (2021)
Space Waltz, 2022. From left: Brent Eccles, Peter Cuddihy, Greg Clark, Alastair Riddell, Eddie Rayner.
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Mental Notes publicity shot - L to R: Wally Wilkinson (back), Timothy Finn (front), Noel Crombie, Eddie Rayner (back), Jonathan Michael Chunn (front), Philip Judd, Emlyn Crowther (as they were called on the album)
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
Pop Mechanix's classic Jumping Out A Window, released in March 1981 on Mike Chunn's new XSF label (via CBS), it was the first with Andrew Snoid on vocals and was produced by Eddie Rayner. It would reach No. 21.
Dark Horse – Clive Franks, Jim Hall, Patrick Kuhtze, Eddie Rayner, 2017.
Photo credit: Jim Hall Collection

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