Space Waltz

“Watch out young love!” Akin to a trumpet fanfare stridently announcing the beginning of a battle – an analogy that sits remarkably close to the truth, given the furore that would follow – these four words uttered by the androgynous, pouting, Alastair Riddell remain forever etched upon the popular music history of Aotearoa. They marked a milestone. A sea change. A line in the sand. So many clichés come to mind and all are applicable.

Delivered in 1974 to an unsuspecting populace via the nation’s must-watch, prime time, light-entertainment TV talent quest Studio One/New Faces, Riddell’s introductory warning preceded Space Waltz’s mimed yet declamatory debut of their soon-to-be smash hit, ‘Out on the Street’.

Watch the judges' reaction to Space Waltz on TV's New Faces (1974)
Space Waltz - the first line-up without Eddie Rayner. From left: Alastair Riddell, Peter Cuddihy, Greg Clark, Brent Eccles. 
Space Waltz - Hypnotise Me (2022)
Alastair Riddell in Space Waltz, Canterbury University, Christchurch, 1975
Space Waltz by Alastair Riddell, 1975 on EMI
Alastair Riddell and Space Waltz. L to R: Brent Eccles, Peter Cuddihy, Alastair Riddell, Greg Clark, Eddie Rayner
Alastair Riddell of Space Waltz - a flyer for the band's 1975 New Zealand Students' Arts Council Tour.  
Alastair Riddell on stage
Space Waltz, 2022. From left: Brent Eccles, Peter Cuddihy, Greg Clark, Alastair Riddell, Eddie Rayner.
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Back cover of Space Waltz by Alastair Riddell LP, 1975
Alastair Riddell/Space Waltz university tour handbill, 1975
Poster for Space Waltz single 'Out on the Street', 1974. 
Watch: Space Waltz - Out On The Street (1974)



Alastair Riddell - vocals, guitar

Brent Eccles - drums

Eddie Rayner - keyboards

Greg Clark - guitar

Peter Cuddihy - bass

Dave Walker - guitar

Paul Baeyertz - keyboards

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