Snort was a hugely popular Christchurch hard-rock all-girl group with a very 90s grungy riot grrrl sound and a line-up that changed a bit over time, formed by vocalist, bassist and song-writer Reta Le Quesne, guitarists Joanne Billesdon and Fleur Walden (aka Fleur de Lis), and Lisa Preston on drums.

Le Quesne and Billesdon had both been in the short-lived Stepford 5 together the year prior but took a break for the birth of Le Quesne’s child.

Sharon Billesdon, Snort bass player and twin sister of guitarist Joanne Billesdon. 
Snort - Hey Creep (lathe-cut 7" on Spinnin Clock Records, 1993). The B-side was Cos I'm Evil. 
Snort (top, from left): Lisa Preston, Ninakaye Taane Tinorau, Carla Potter. In front, from left: Reta Le Quesne, Joanne Billesdon
Snort - Poison (1997)
Snort (clockwise from lower left): Joanne Billesdon, Lisa Preston, Reta Le Quesne, Fleur Walden
Snort (L-R): Carla Potter on drums, Reta Le Quesne singing, and Sharon Billesdon on bass. 
Snort (L-R): Joanne Billesdon, Fleur Walden, Lisa Preston, with Reta Le Quesne lying down. 
The back cover of Snort's Hey Creep 7" lathe-cut single on Spinning Clock Records, 1993. The illustrations are by Rob Harkman, who was the singer for Ape Management. 
Snort (from left): Carla Potter, Ninkaye Taane-Tinorau, Joanne Billesdon; in front, Reta Le Quesne.
Snort - Elvis Roadkill (1993)
Sand McDougall, Snort sound engineer 
Snort, during the Snort ‘Hell Hath No Fury' release tour, probably 1997/98. From left: Brendon Moran (of Hasselhoff Experiment), Sharon Billesdon, Carla Potter, Ninakaye Taane Tinorau. 


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Flat City Recordings

Spinnin' Clock Records


Reta Le Quesne - bass, vocals

Joanne Billesdon - guitar

Sharon Billesdon - bass, drums

Lisa Preston - drums, keyboards

Fleur Walden - guitar, vocals

Ninakaye Taane-Tinorau - guitar, bass

Carla Potter - drums

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